Biases at VOA Amharic

Biases at VOA Amharic

VOA Amharic is a visceral war time propaganda outlet. Activists from Oromo, Tigrayan, Somali, Gumuz and other ethnic groups have routinely decried the misreporting of the Amharic service. Consider these examples. In November 2019, Ethiopia’s current Defense Minister Lemma Magarsa and a former key ally of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed gave a rare interview to the Afaan Oromo service. He expressed serious reservations over Abiy’s rush to dissolve the EPRDF coalition. VOA unsuccessfully tried hard to hold the interview ostensibly because the editors did not like Lemma’s criticism of the Prime Minister. The Amharic service’s biased coverage of the unrest in Ethiopia that followed the killing of Haacaaluu is also notable. On July 6, Tsion Girma, Tizita’s mentee, aired a long ‘exposé’ about violence against ethnic minorities in Oromia state. The report was peculiar for several reasons. First, it was unprecedented for its length, at 24-minutes on an hour-long daily program. In recent memory, the Amharic service has not dedicated so much airtime to a single story so badly sourced. Second, the report featured interviews with three victims from the same family. Third, the story painted a misleading picture of a communal violence whereby only one ethnic group, the Amhara, was targeted for killing. To subtly demonstrate this, Tsion spoke mainly to victims who self-identified as Amharas. VOA Amharic has also described rallies in DC and the rest of America using biased terms. When Amharas come out carrying the Amhara regional flag accompained by Eritreans in a rally supporting Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, VOA Amharic describes the rallie partipants as Ethiopians, Eritreans and Ethiopians by birth. When Tegarus and Oromos come out on rallies opposing Abiy Ahmed, VOA Amharic describes Tegarus by birth and Oromos by birth participated in the rallies.

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VOA Amharic why did it take you more than 24 hours to report about Oromo rally on June 10 infront of VOA HQ? @VOAAmharic @VOADirector @insideVOA @VOAAfaanOromoo #StopBiasAtVOAAmharic #OromoLivesMatter #TigrayLivesMatter

VOA Amharic what is the need of interviewing amb. Fistum about the accusation against bias report toward VOA Amharic? @VOAAmharic @VOA_News @insideVOA @VOAStraightTalk #StopBiasAtVOAAmharic #OromoLivesMatter #TigrayLivesMatter

VOA Amharic calls only one group of people Ethiopians by hiding their identity but calls the rest by their ethnic groups. Stop bias reporting and racism. @VOAAmharic @VOADirector @insideVOA @VOAAfaanOromoo #JusticeforAmanuelWondimu #AbiyAhmedisaterrorist

VOA amahric branch is harbouring a genocide on Tigray and Oromia by using American tax payers money. @VOAAmharic @VOA_News @insideVOA @VOAStraightTalk #StopBiasAtVOAAmharic #OromoLivesMatter #TigrayLivesMatter

VOA Amharic interview the Oromo rally organizer Henok Gebissa and Seenaa . Stop biased reporting. @VOAAmharic @VOADirector @insideVOA @VOAAfaanOromoo #StopBiasAtVOAAmharic #OromoLivesMatter #TigrayLivesMatter

VOA Amahric be the voice of the people of Ethiopia not Abiy’s voice @VOAAmharic @VOA_News @insideVOA @VOAStraightTalk #StopBiasAtVOAAmharic #OromoLivesMatter #TigrayLivesMatter

There are credible reports of VOA Amharic discriminating against Oromo and Tigray ethnicity in the hiring process. There are moments where job applicants were asked to state their political position on Ethiopia as some form of pre-condition to get a job.@VOAAmharic @VOADirector

What Ethiopian government is trying to do through the instrumentality of VOA is better understood along the the 2016 Russian attempt to violate American presidential election. Ethiopia shouldn’t be allowed! @VOAAmharic @VOA_News @insideVOA @VOAStraightTalk #StopBiasAtVOAAmharic

VOA Amharic uses American tax payers money in order to allow Ethiopian govt’s long arm into how politics is shaped among Ethiopian diaspora. This will remain challenging to the sovereignty of the US in a digital era @VOAAmharic @VOADirector @insideVOA #StopBiasAtVOAAmharic

VOA Amharic operates under the influence of Ethiopian government. Many of their reports on Oromia and Tigray reflects Ethiopian government position without corroboration from independent sources. This defeats ethics of journalism @VOAAmharic @insideVOA #StopBiasAtVOAAmharic