Beyond Surviving Abiy

Beyond Surviving Abiy

Beyond Surviving Abiy


The job is cut out for us now. The tasks are never clearer. They are here for us to ponder even as we exist to resist (to rexist):

  1. Secure Oromiya. Establish peace and stability. Set up transitional government (brokered and overseen by gadaa elders) to facilitate an election.

  2. Hold all the Bilxiginnaa thugs, and their nafxanyaa overlords, accountable for their crimes.

  3. Table the agenda of self-determination under the framework of the constitution, set up a detailed schedule for a referendum, and ensure a democratic process of voting (to choose from among several options such as genuine self-rule in a genuine federal system, a confederal association with like-minded peoples, or independence).

This, by the way, is only taking the constitution [article 39] seriously. This is only holding onto the spectre that haunts Ethiopia, the spectre of self-determination, the spectre of (potentially) redemptive transformation.

As a people, this is only becoming to Oromos as they are the spectral people par excellence in Ethiopia, the people of self-determination.

As you can see, this is a three-step process of regaining and exercising collective agency as a people.

This is the self-same right the numerous groups of the so called SNNPRS have forever been demanding in various forms.

This is also what the people of Tigray are demanding in their quest for a democratic election.

First things first, though:

a) free the Oromo leaders; free all political prisoners;

b) secure Oromia;

c) establish justice (i.e., punish the guilty and restore the victim; heal wounds);

d) restore law and order; there can be no democracy without rule of law and without adequate protection of minority rights. (Please forgive the liberal fetishism on the Rule of Law for now.)

e) establish truth commissions, take respinsibilities as established thereof, and bring [back] dignity and integrity to public offices;

f) always: listen to the people; address their demands, attend to their concerns, and assuage their fears; and

g) take steps towards establishing and nurturing trust among people, both vertically and horizontally.

Above all, survive and outlive Abiy.

In times such as this, survival becomes a duty!

I am supremely confident that we can do more than surviving. We shall survive.

We shall outlast this darkness.

We shall see a new dawn.

We shall see a new day, and we shall have a new beginning.

And yes, we will have a fresh start.