Justice for Amanuel Wondimu

Justice for Amanuel Wondimu

Amanuel Wondimu Kebede was publicly executed by Oromia Special Forces on May 11, 2021 because the latter suspected him of being a member or supporter of ‘Shanee’. He was barely 17. The special forces summoned more than a 1000 people to come and witness the public execution.

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Amanuel Wondimu Kebede, 17, executed in public square of Oromia, Ethiopia. AbiyAhmed is resorting to the 1977 Derg regime's strategy of Red Terror. @amnesty @hrw @cnn @bbc pic.twitter.com/pnJTSpa3U3 #JusticeforAmanuelWondimu #AbiyAhmedisaterrorist #Oromolivesmatter

Executions of Amanuel Wondimu in Oromia is a manifestation of state hostility and violence against Oromos who defy Abiy's brutal regime. @amnesty @hrw @cnn @bbc pic.twitter.com/l0nXwdyyk9 #JusticeforAmanuelWondimu #AbiyAhmedisaterrorist #Oromolivesmatter

Amanuel Wondimu Kebede, 17, is executed in public by Abiy military labeling him as #OLA. Hence we say we are all OLA. Kill us all. @amnesty @hrw @shaunking @mukeshkapila @cnn @bbcWorld @USAmbUN @AJEnglish pic.twitter.com/5JIw6dFCle #JusticeforAmanuelWondimu #AbiyAhmedisaterrorist

Abiy Ahmed’s Military announced to residents of the town to come and watch the killing of Amanuel and shot him in broad daylight. @amnesty @hrw @shaunking @mukeshkapila @cnn @bbcWorld @USAmbUN @AJEnglish pic.twitter.com/V17nTABZmp #JusticeforAmanuelWondimu #Oromolivesmatter

Amanuel’s execution in public has the goal of warning Oromos that the authorities will kill with utmost savagery with no regard to the law. @amnesty @hrw @shaunking @mukeshkapila @cnn @bbcWorld @USAmbUN @AJEnglish pic.twitter.com/fGbuMZPNG3 #JusticeforAmanuelWondimu

Here is the video of Amanuel few hours before his public execution:

Amaneul Wondimu