Tweeter Campaign - OLA is Oromo
Politics Tweeter Campaign - OLA is Oromo

Please Join OLA Tweet campaign Please join the tweeter campaign by using any of the share tweet links below to inform the world that OLA and Oromo are one and the same!

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Biases at VOA Amharic
Politics Biases at VOA Amharic

VOA Amharic is a visceral war time propaganda outlet. Activists from Oromo, Tigrayan, Somali, Gumuz and other ethnic groups have routinely decried the misreporting of the Amharic service.

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Justice for Amanuel Wondimu
Politics Justice for Amanuel Wondimu

Amanuel Wondimu Kebede was publicly executed by Oromia Special Forces on May 11, 2021 because the latter suspected him of being a member or supporter of ‘Shanee’.

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Oromo Commentary

This site is meant for use for commentary on Oromo related topics.

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